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Your Garden Hard at Work

Adopt a Beneficial Bed

Small sections of the Beneficial Beds are up for adoption. 

If you would like to adopt a section and take care of it during the gardening season, please send an email to

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered to adopt a beneficial bed section.  

Main Entrance Gate Replacement

The main gate was in dire need of repair.


The decision was made to completely replace the existing gate with a new, safer and more visually appealing gate. 


Work has been completed and the new gate is ready for the new season. 

Eagle Scout Border Plot Project (2019)

In the fall of 2019, Brian Becker completed his Eagle Scout Project by building borders around 19 garden plots.


Since this project was such a success, several new gardener's have expressed an interest in having borders placed around their plots.

A similar project is planned for the 2020 garden season.  Details will be posted on the website and emails will be sent out.

Fence Repair/Replacement

We are in the process of obtaining bids to see how much it would cost to replace the fence around the entire garden.  Repairs have been made to the fence over the past few years but animals are still finding their way into the garden.  We will do our best to keep everyone up-to-date on our progress.

Tree Trimming

The committee has been discussing the possibility of trimming back some of the tree branches which are causing shaded areas in the garden.  We will keep everyone informed of our progress and will let the gardener's know when and if the tree pruning will occur. 

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